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[Sticky] EY Graduate Programme 2022

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Applications are now open. Please post here everything related to the 2022 intake. I will be periodically updating here the latest information and files we receive from candidates. We will approve only genuine information. 

The following role is no longer available: Transactions - Data Analytics Graduate


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Any tips regarding the Numerical Assessment? I heard that EY is rejecting people claiming it is because of Numerical test results, however, it seems like that is not true. My friend saved his test, and all the answers were correct. After 2 days, he received an email saying that he is rejected because he failed the test. I guess they simply didn't like something in his application form, and they blamed it on the Numerical test. Any similar experiences?

I have also noticed that they want us to upload a CV as part of the Application form. However, there is no field to upload it, anywhere.

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Could someone please help me with this question? I am not sure how to answer it.

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